The Bible Hymnal
Himnario Biblico
Hymnal, Worldwide Church of God, 1993
Hymnal, United Church of God, aia, 1997

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Page #LengthTitleMIDIASF
1252:49America the Beautiful10.4 K355 K
102:00Arise, Eternal, O My God6.5 K247 K
351:42Awake, O Eternal!5.7 K213 K
792:53Bless the Lord Eternal, O My Soul10.0 K362 K
262:36Blessed is the Nation God is For10.0 K327 K
971:02Blest and Happy is He4.0 K132 K
11:58Blest and Happy is the Man6.0 K248 K
1182:28Blow the Horn Let Zion Hear!8.4 K311 K
452:09But As For Me I'll Call On God5.5 K270 K
1032:05By the Waters of Babylon6.7 K264 K
361:58Come, See the Works of God6.4 K248 K
91:58Declare His Works to All Nations!7.8 K245 K
521:58For Even From My Youth, O God6.2 K248 K
322:44For it is God Who Orders Life10.1 K344 K
912:04For Thy Law is Truth and Love6.5 K261 K
1082:48Give Ear to My Prayer, O Lord7.9 K353 K
491:59Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God6.3 K248 K
42:31Give Ear Unto My Words, O Lord7.9 K352 K
551:58Give Judgment to the King, O God6.2 K246 K
401:54Give Thanks and Offer Praise6.4 K239 K
1202:00Go Ye Therefore Into All the World7.0 K252 K
502:09God is My Rock, My Salvation6.5 K270 K
98A1:39God Is Our Refuge4.9 K209 K
1141:35Hallelujah! Praise God!5.0 K201 K
782:20He Shall Reign Forevermore!8.6 K294 K
1022:30His Mercy Never Fails8.7 K314 K
582:15His Name is Great!7.7 K283 K
751:55Holy, Mighty Majesty!7.2 K242 K
72:06How Excellent is Thy Name!6.2 K263 K
712:00How Good It is to Thank the Lord7.8 K252 K
131:54How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, Lord?6.2 K236 K
691:24How Long, Eternal, Hide Thou Away?4.1 K177 K
651:56How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings6.8 K242 K
921:57I Hate the Thoughts of Vanity6.3 K246 K
81:57I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal6.6 K247 K
1161:56I Will Sing to the Eternal7.2 K244 K
772:31I'll Sing of Mercy and of Justice9.8 K315 K
942:40In Distress I Cried Unto the Lord9.5 K334 K
412:38In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord7.2 K330 K
513:03Joyfully Sing and Praise God!9.7 K383 K
542:45Let All Nations Hail Him King!8.8 K345 K
571:59Let Us Sing to God7.1 K250 K
1101:41Lord, Teach Me that I May Know4.4 K213 K
232:01Mine Eyes Upon the Lord Continually Are Set6.8 K254 K
381:57Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful6.9 K246 K
182:01My God, My God7.4 K254 K
98B2:18My Hope is in His Word5.5 K290 K
672:49O Be Merciful to Me8.1 K353 K
802:08O Bless and Praise God!6.9 K268 K
722:03O Come and Let Us Worship Him6.6 K258 K
822:15O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal!7.3 K283 K
892:45O Give Thanks Unto Our God8.3 K345 K
531:57O God, Forsake Me Not6.5 K244 K
341:38O God, We Have Heard4.7 K207 K
901:35O How Love I Thy Law!5.9 K198 K
661:58O Lord of Hosts, My King, My God!6.3 K247 K
1091:24O Lord, Thou Art My God and King!5.2 K177 K
472:06O Pity Me, Be Gracious God6.8 K263 K
682:04O Thou God of My Salvation6.9 K260 K
602:18O Thou the Shepherd of Israel Art7.6 K289 K
1263:48Onward Christian Soldiers!11.9 K476 K
212:05Our God is Good and Upright6.4 K263 K
881:59Praise Belongs to God!6.8 K249 K
1012:06Praise God's Name!7.0 K264 K
622:33Praise the Eternal With a Psalm!8.9 K319 K
1122:06Praise Ye The Lord!7.8 K265 K
1282:34Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty9.4 K322 K
812:24Remember Us, O Eternal7.5 K302 K
482:00Return Again, O God6.8 K251 K
331:24Righteous Judge4.9 K177 K
642:34Rise and Judge, Eternal One!8.2 K322 K
441:54Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name6.5 K239 K
742:39Sing Praises and Rejoice!9.6 K333 K
631:54Sing Songs of Praise to Him!6.4 K239 K
761:22Sing to the Lord with Cheerful Voice5.4 K173 K
562:00The Day and Night are Thine6.6 K250 K
162:39The Heavens God's Glory Do Declare7.2 K330 K
731:31The Lord Eternal Reigns!5.0 K192 K
192:50The Lord is My Shepherd7.8 K341 K
202:34The Lord's My Shepherd6.7 K322 K
115B2:03The Lord's My Shepherd4.9 K260 K
1172:33Thee Will I Love, O Lord8.3 K320 K
251:40They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven5.6 K209 K
701:56Thou Art Our God Forever6.7 K244 K
612:04Thou Shepherd That Dost Israel Keep7.7 K260 K
951:43To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes5.2 K218 K
222:11To Thee I Lift My Soul6.2 K274 K
31:56Trust in God and Stand in Awe5.1 K257 K
272:06Turn Thou From Evil7.3 K263 K
52:12Turn, O God and Save Me4.5 K284 K
961:59Unless the Lord Shall Build the House6.2 K250 K
592:33Unto God I Lift My Voice7.3 K320 K
462:02Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear6.9 K256 K
301:58Wait and Hope and Look For God6.8 K246 K
862:31When Israel Out of Egypt Went8.2 K314 K
1052:11Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit, O God?6.5 K275 K
141:27Who Shall Dwell on Thy Holy Hill?4.8 K183 K
22:04Why Do the Nations Make Plans In Vain?7.4 K263 K
852:29Wisdom Begins With the Fear of the Lord7.3 K312 K

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