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12:03O Come and Let Us Worship Him
21:22Sing to the Lord with Cheerful Voice
52:06How Excellent is Thy Name!
62:34Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty
81:57I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal
101:58Declare His Works to All Nations!
112:36Blessed is the Nation God is For
133:03Joyfully Sing and Praise God!
161:58For Even From My Youth, O God
171:56How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
242:38In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord
252:39Sing Praises and Rejoice!
261:55Holy, Mighty Majesty!
272:03The Lord's My Shepherd
282:34The Lord's My Shepherd
292:33Praise the Eternal With a Psalm!
322:53Bless the Lord Eternal, O My Soul
402:15O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal!
441:35O How Love I Thy Law!
451:02Blest and Happy is He
462:30His Mercy Never Fails
471:35Hallelujah! Praise God!
491:24O Lord, Thou Art My God and King!
531:41Lord, Teach Me that I May Know
542:06Praise Ye The Lord!
561:24Righteous Judge
571:57Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful
581:59Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God
591:31The Lord Eternal Reigns!
602:09God is My Rock, My Salvation
632:00How Good It is to Thank the Lord
651:54Sing Songs of Praise to Him!
672:06Praise God's Name!
682:01Mine Eyes Upon the Lord Continually Are Set
701:40They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven
722:05Our God is Good and Upright
771:58Blest and Happy is the Man
812:33Thee Will I Love, O Lord
852:00Go Ye Therefore Into All the World